Workshopy ITAT 2017

Computational Intelligence and Data Mining - 5th international workshop

Within the 17th conference on Information Technologies - Applications and Theory, ITAT 2017, which will be held September 22–26 in the mountain hotel Martinské hole, in the splendid Slovak Fatra mountains, the 5th international workshop Computational Intelligence and Data Mining will be organized. We welcome contributions concerning all topics related to these two overlapping areas, in particular the following:

  • Learning, including metalearning and active learning
  • Artificial neural networks, including deep networks
  • Metaheuristics, including evolutionary algorithms and evolutionary optimization
  • Fuzzy systems, including fuzzy reasoning
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data mining based on machine learning and/or statistical methods
  • Statistical models, including distribution models, regression models and classifiers
  • Rules extraction from data
  • Analysis of time series or sequences
  • Applications of computational intelligence and data mining methods

Prospective authors are requested to prepare a 2-column paper of 5-8 pages length in English, according to the LaTeX class “itatnew” and to submit it using the EasyChair system. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by 2-3 members of the international program committee. All accepted papers will be published in ITAT proceedings (electronic and paper version), papers receiving the best evaluations by reviewers will be made publicly available through the frequently accessed CEUR Workshop Proceedings publication service (

Invited speakers

  • Antoni Ligęza, University of Science and Technology, Krakow
  • Ostap Okhrin, Technical University Dresden
Important dates
Abstract submissionJune 9
Paper submissionJune 16
Notification of acceptance/rejectionJuly 10
Final versionJuly 20
ITAT 2017 openingSeptember 22

The registration fee for the ITAT conference covers not only participation, but also 4 nights lodging and 4 days full catering at the conference hotel: 345 € regular, 295 € students.

Program committee:

  • Dirk Arnold, University of Dalhousie
  • Jose Luis Balcazar, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona
  • Petr Berka, University of Economics, Prague
  • Hans Engler, University of Georgetown
  • Jan Faigl, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Pitoyo Hartono, University of Chukyo
  • Martin Holeňa, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
  • Ján Hric, Charles University, Prague
  • Jan Kalina, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
  • Jiří Kléma, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Pavel Kordík, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Tomas Krilavičius, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas
  • Věra Kůrková, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
  • Stéphane Lallich, University of Lyon
  • Philippe Lenca, Telecom Bretagne, Brest
  • Antoni Ligęza, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow
  • Marco Lübbecke, RWTH University, Aachen
  • Donato Malerba, University of Bari
  • Mirko Navara, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Engelbert Memphu Nguifo, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand
  • Ostap Okhrin, Technical University of Dresden
  • Tomáš Pevný, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Petr Pošík, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Jan Rauch, University of Economics, Prague
  • Heike Trautmann, University of Münster
  • Tingting Zhang, Mid-Sweden University, Sundsvall
  • Filip Železný, Czech Technical University, Prague

Slovenskočeský NLP workshop (SloNLP 2017)

stránka workshopu


  • Rudolf Rosa a Petra Barančíková (ÚFAL MFF UK)
  • Kontakt: {rosa, barancikova}

SloNLP je slovenskočeský workshop speciálně zaměřený na zpracování přirozeného jazyka a počítačovou lingvistiku. Jeho hlavním cílem je podpořit spolupráci mezi mladými výzkumníky v oblasti NLP v Česku a na Slovensku; k účasti proto vyzýváme zejména magisterské studenty a doktorandy věnující se počítačové lingvistice.

Mezi témata workshopu patří automatické rozpoznávání mluvené řeči (ASR), automatická analýza a generování přirozeného jazyka (morfologie, syntax, sémantika...), dialogové systémy, strojový překlad (MT), vyhledávání informací (IR), praktické aplikace NLP technologií, a další témata počítačové lingvistiky.

Uvítáme i články o probíhajícím výzkumu s předběžnými výsledky (work in progress), články popisující negativní výsledky (negative results), a články představující návrhy na budoucí výzkum.

Programový výbor:

  • Rudolf Rosa (ÚFAL MFF UK)
  • Petra Barančíková (ÚFAL MFF UK)
  • Vladimír Benko (JÚĽŠ SAV)
  • Ján Genči (KPI TUKE)
  • Aleš Horák (FI MUNI)
  • Marie Chochlová (Mathematical Linguistics, St. Petersburg University)
  • Miloslav Konopík (KIV ZČU)
  • Pavel Král (KIV ZČU)
  • Markéta Lopatková (ÚFAL MFF UK)
  • David Mareček (ÚFAL MFF UK)
  • Karel Oliva ( jazykovědec na volné noze)

“W3-ChaT” - WWW - Challenges and Trends

The W3-ChaT workshop is focused on addressing existing challenges we are facing today on the Web (and in general on Internet). Solution of such challenges are crucial to support/improve smooth experience of users with the Web as well their decision making. Web challenges are strongly associated with intelligent algorithms of various kind and purpose acting as clever solutions simplifying many tasks such that mining users’ data and relevant data sources with associated semantics, extracting users’ contexts and predicting their interests leading to improved data providers, user experience and semantics as proper knowledge representations.

Submissions can range from original research papers, work in progress, report on doctoral project and thesis to informative papers about current trends and also papers describing "what have I done/achieved last year/two". Basic assumption is that the paper is well informed about current challenges and trends in area of the Web (and Internet in general). We welcome if the paper describes a wider neighborhood of research (Use-case, benchmark data, models, methods, prototypes, metrics and experiments) although the contribution can concentrate only to some of these. All papers will be reviewed by at least two PC members. Accepted papers will be presented at workshop while papers in outstanding quality shall be consequently selected for publication in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings of the conference (see

In particular, but not exclusively, we invite papers relevant with regard to the following areas and topics:

  • Web intelligence - Recommender systems (approaches beyond matrix factorization)
    • Personalization
    • User models
    • Explainable and understandable user preferences/recommendations
    • ...
  • Web mining
    • Information extraction
    • Web mining
    • Text mining
    • Multimedia mining
    • ...
  • Web semantics
    • Semantic web
    • Linked Open Data
    • Semantic annotations and metadata
  • Big Data, NoSQL, personalization and recommendation in, or utilizing, Internet of Things...
  • Similarity search, feature creation, indexing, distance, mental models, multimedia, ...

In the W3-ChaT workshop, we follow the spirit of ITAT conference. ITAT - Information technologies - Applications and Theory is annual community meeting IT researchers and practitioners in neighborhood of Czecho-Slovakia. It is a "mountain version" of community meetings, the others are more oriented to urban venues.

The conference is a platform for both the exchange of results and experiences in CS community as well as informal meetings. Language of the conference is English. Special focus is on the results of young researchers and PhD students. W3-ChaT workshop is a domain restriction of these ideas.

Paper submission: follow the ITAT author’s formatting instructions

Important dates
Paper submissionJune 23
Notification of acceptance/rejectionJuly 14
Final camera-ready versionJuly 26

Program Committee:

  • Peter Vojtáš, UK Praha
  • Jaroslav Kuchař, ČVUT Praha
  • Tomáš Horváth, ELTE Budapest
  • Ladislav Peska, UK Praha
  • Tomáš Vitvar, ČVUT Praha
  • Milan Dojchinovski, ČVUT Praha
  • András Micsik, MTA SZTAKI, Budapest
  • László Grad-Gyenge, Creo Group, Budapest
  • Tomáš Kliegr, VŠE Praha